June 17, 2009

Snooky Serna Is Out of the Indie Film Dukot

Snooky Serna is still living up to the tag "Pagong." The actress of booted out of the movie Dukot, starring Iza Calzado and Allen Dizon, by the movie's director Joel Lamangan after Snooky showed up more than two hours later for a major and big scene at Liwasang Bonifacio.

What irked Direct Joel was Snooky's failure to apologize to the senior stars who braved the crowd and the heat of the sun to shoot the scene. It was Snooky's boyfriend who talked to the director because Snooky refused to get out of her car. All would have been forgotten if Snooky had just apologized

During lunch time, Snooky breezed in without warning to talk to Direct Joel. The actress blamed the movie's executive producer for her being late. This was the straw that broke the camel's back as Direct Joel let Snooky have it. Finally, pinaalis at sinibak ng direktor si Snooky at sinabi pa na hindi na nito gagawin ang Sagrada Familia, which would have starred Snooky Serna.

A leopard cannot change its spots. That's what Snooky Serna is. Remember the story of Snooky getting upset at Gina Alajar during the story con for the same movie? Snooky took exception to Gina's reminder not to be late in their shooting.

Can a network do a reality show revolving around a day in the life of Snooky Serna. A lot of people must be curious why Snooky is constantly late. This has been Snooky's trademark when before she became cuckoo and then suddenly recovered when she met a rich man. I'm pretty sure the definition of the word "tardy" has Snooky's picture beside it.

Why does Snooky still insists on pretending to be an actress. She doesn't suit a career that demands professionalism. Now that she's a rich man's girlfriend, she should probably concentrate on that. She's more suited to the life of a kept woman whose life revolves around sleeping late, eating, shopping, parties, then repeat the same things the following day.

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  1. Anonymous11:32 AM

    This girl is a ditz! I am sure she has bipolar disorder like Nora Aunor. What's with blaming everyone for her chronic lateness? Girl, you starved your children, squatted on a neighbors property as you were homeless, married a blabbing rockstar wannabe and now refuse to be on time when these people are just giving you a job which you need!

    One day people will see you begging in the streets or selling your girls for prostitution so they can support your lazy ass.