July 30, 2009

Rosanna Roces vs Revilla Family: Lesser of Two Evils

Rosanna Roces and Jolo Revilla (of course Bong Revilla has also put in his two cents, are at war again over the custody of Gabriel Revilla, the son of Jolo and Rosanna's daughter Grace Adriano.

I thought Rosanna has permanently faded into obscurity but she's making noises again. Her beef with the Revilla is Jolo's failure to return her grandson, whom she calls Budoy, back to her care at the agreed time.

However, I read that the boy was put into the Revilla's custody because he has primary complex and is on strict medication. The boy's mother is overseas living with her new family, so it was logical to put the boy in the care of the biological father. Rosanna is also busy with her indie films, which she did not fail to promote while making a litany of the Revilla's sins.

Rosanna is waging her war on Facebook. So netizens can easily follow her rants. She posted a photo of her with Gab flipping the bird at the camera. According to Rosanna, the boy learned the gesture from Jolo, who does the same to his father Bong, the honorable senator, everytime he is displeased with his father.

Let’s be real. The initial reaction when seeing a toddler flip the bird is amusement. But it is stupidity to post the evidence online. C’mon, pampamilya na lang di ba? I guess, Rosanna as an ulterior motive behind the posting of the picture. And it has come to fruition because Social Services is closely watching the goings on between the families.

Who should get custody of Gab? Revilla or Rosanna? Eh, it’s like choosing between the lesser of two evis, a rock and a hard place. I can’t stand Bong Revilla on principle. Rosanna Roces, she’s got a few loose screws in her head. Like Anabelle Rama, she’s someone who has mistaken honesty for tactlessness and insensitivity.

There are talks that Rosanna wants Gab with her because she will be missing out on the perks that come with the boy. We are talking about a nanny, driver and personal car for Gab. No Gab, no perks.

Gab should go to the family who can support him financially, emotionally and most importantly mentally. I think he should be adopted by the Brangelina clan. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are always on the look out for their next child to adopt.

Eh, I’m not feeling this latest pettiness between Rosanna and her ex-future in laws.

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