September 4, 2010

Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown: Vapid Useless Twat Princess Snell Eliminates Herself

Startruck contestant Princess Snell quit from Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown within the first three days of the competition.

It's good that she quit because she saved her fellow contestants the energy of booting out this vapid useless piece of oxygen-stealer.

Nasilaw sa 3 million pesos - the primary reason why this pathetic bitch joined the contest without thinking of what it would entail.

She quit because she hasn't eaten for two days. Hey, it's not like the other contestants had themselves a buffet and hid it from her.

The contestants were collecting shells for their meal but according to this insipid twat she felt ashamed to be eating the small shells so she did not partake.

What this vacuous bitch failed to say was she felt ashamed partaking of the food she had no hand in collecting. Lazy in addition to being a waste of space and oxygen.

The twat also confessed to being unprepared for camp life considering that she works out two hours a day. No shit, Einstein! An isolated island in Thailand is not Shangri-la Hotel.

Useless reality contestants like Princess Snell are either the first bootee or they go the distance. Not for anything positive they contribute to the show but for making anyone that sits beside them in the finals look good - and therefore a shoo-in for the win.

I Googled this fuck and found she had just had her 18th birthday this year. That's not the interesting part. What made me go hmmmm was she posed for the men's magazine FHM before joining Starstruck.

It's either the vapid twat was not legal when she posed for an adult men's magazine or she took an axe to slice a great portion off her actual age.

If it's not yet obvious in this post, I hate this insipid bitch with the rays of a thousand suns. For a purist Survivor fan like me it incites a great deal of hate to see contestants on my TV just because they're pretty when there are other contestants who could have been more interesting to watch.

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