September 13, 2014

Roxanne Cabanero is a 2014 Ms World Philippines Candidate

UPDATE: Roxanne Cabanero has pulled out of the Ms World Philippines 2014 contest to give chance to other candidates and her legal case.

Famewhore, please. Didn't she think about these issues before she filed her application. I think she did and filed anyway. To get her name once again in the media. 

RememberRoxanne Cabanero, the other woman besides Denise Cormejo, who accused It's Showtime host, Vhong Navarro, of rape last year? She's alive and will be competing as a candidate in the 2014 Ms World Philippines content.

I thought this dirty, lying, famewhoring, two-bit sexy model, has slunk away to hide her shame or is in jail. But no, she's here to make our beauty pageant-watching experience as awkward and as disgusting as possible.

Why is Roxanne Cabanero even permitted to enter the offices of Ms World Philippines, or wherever the hell they hold their annual application process? I have two theories.

One, the head honcho of Ms World Philippines, Cory Quirino, is punking us. Any moment now she's going to blurt out "Gotcha!."

Two, this is the pageant's PR machine's diabolic scheme to make Ms World Philippines 2014 the talk of mainstream media and social media. After Megan Young who else is worthy? Not second princess Ruffa Gutierrez, whose ambition these days is how to become the Kim Kardashian of the Philippines. How loft. NOT! And not first princess Gwendolyn Ruais, whose focus is her boys and her modelling career and boys.

According to Roxanne, she's doing this to gain her confidence back. I don't know where she will pick up her confidence after the host of the moving turns to her and the other cannon fodders and say to them, "Thank you, girls." But I have a feeling she will come back - that's what famewhores do.

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