September 8, 2010

Gerald Anderson and Kim Chui Break up

Gerald Anderson finally spoke up about rumors that he and his loveteam Kim Chui have broken up in an interview on the Sunday showbiz talk show The Buzz.

That curious sound you’re hearing in the background is the wailing of millions, I mean, global Kimeralds as they finally realize Gerald Anderson is not that into Kim Chui.

So Gerald and Kim's loveteam was only reel. Their relationship was special, but did not even come close to boyfriend-girlfriend.

Gerald and Kim buckled under the great pressure and high expectations of their fans, who are treating them like they are husband and wife living under the same roof already. I can appreciate this given how rabid many of the Kimeralds are. If you are cuckoo enough to threaten evil witchcraftery to anyone who separates Kim and Gerald, you are delusional enough to believe that what you see on a movie or TV program is true.

On the issue that Kim harmed herself when her "special" relationship with Gerald imploded, Gerald says it's not true. But I get the feeling that Kim is much more into Gerald than Gerald is into Kim. Let's leave it at that.

Gerald is keeping the hope alive in the Kimeralds' hearts with the assurance that he and Kim will still share the same space and breathe the same air in future movie and TV projects. Projects are money. Will they both say no to money?

Gerald and Kim may have fooled their dearest Kimeralds with their lovey dovey words and actions, but Gerald is still thankful to them for making sure he has money in the bank, several cars, a big house, big boy toys and other investments.

The interview did not touch the issue of the budding? or is secret romance? between Gerald and Bea Alonzo. Why would ABS-CBN? Walang pera sa relasyon nila.

In the recently held Star Magic Ball, Gerald and Bea arrived separately accompanies by different dates. But come closing time, they quietly sneaked out of the party together. And Kim? she remained at the party with her best girlfriends. Awww....


  1. Anonymous11:13 AM

    i hate both of you guys and you guys do not look so cool and i am not jealous

  2. Anonymous11:20 AM

    hey its me and by the way i went on internet and saw many pictures of you guys and i was not happy because you guys look so NOT COOL and I MEAN IT and if i were KIM CHUI I WOULD FIND A BETTER BOYFRIEND

  3. Anonymous1:07 AM

    vote for Thia Megia