January 18, 2012

Survivor Philippines Celebrity Doubles Showdown: Gino Is Voted Out

Gino, The Strategist, has been out-strategist to become the latest votee on Survivor Philippines Celebrity Doubles Showdown. It was another blindside, following John's of the Volcano Rugby team. It was not a blindside for me since as we know the obvious votee is never the one, right editing monkeys?

KC and Gino thought they had it in the bag, but as always one of the many no-nos in Survivor is "huwag magpakakampante." True enough, the tandem of Arnold and Mara used the power of Mara's Immunity Bracelet to sway Betong and Mhaey to vote out Gino.

As usual, Stef Prescott continued to be the castaway who is the outcast in the tribe even if she is presumably working with Gino and the majority alliance to vote out Arnold. Stef voted for Arnold, while KC and Gino voted for Mara. This is what happens when players like Stef who are unstable, who appear to be wishy-washy to others. You can't trust these kind of players to vote with you always.

I hope Stef is kept out of the loop until she and her smug ass are voted out of the island. According to Stef, Arnold needs to be voted out because Arnold's character is slowly deteriorating as he advances deeper into the game (well, that's my take on Stef's reason last night). Duh! Is Survivor a test of character? Is it a game of charity? Blindsides, using your power of persuasion and anything at your disposal to
stay alive are par for the course in a game like Survivor.

I have reservations that Arnold, or even Mara, would be ruthless to the exclusion of all others outside the game. But I have no doubt that Stef Prescott is a BITCH and a CUNT of the first order inside and outside of Survivor. If words are knives, Arnold would already be bleeding.

Every time I watch Stef's talking heads I want to reach across the TV and slap her smug ass. And if she rolls her eyes one more time, I wish a bad wind passes through and giver her a permanent ceiling eyes.

I want Arnold or Mara to get away with the title and prizes since the duo have satisfied with their blindside of Carlo, the sanctimonious one, and the smart use of the Immunity bracelet. But since this is Survivor Philippines, the winner will the one who tugs the jury's hearts the most. It is almost never the one who outwits, outplays and outlasts.


  1. Anonymous11:53 PM

    you can either be a leader, or play under the radar. stef plays under the radar- a strategy best suited to how Filipinos think. to be a good castaway, you have to know how your opponents think. if stef acts like a bitch, tgnan mu muna ung first days nila sa island. nung pnahong inaoutcast xa. :-) chill lng, bka sumabog puso mo lalo na pg nanalo ang under the radar na si stef. :-) God bless. note: Sandra of survivor US won twice using this strategy. :-)

  2. Anonymous11:58 PM

    in addition, stef wants to oust arnold not because his character is deteriorating. she wants to vote him out because he is a real threat as far as physical challenges are concerned. if she is a bitch for opining, (or for having been given the negative edit), i could say that you are even worse since you bully others without knowing what really happened in the island behind the camera. we are seeing just a portion of their stay there.:-) i love arnold, mara and stef, but it is unacceptable for you to accuse stef of being someone who doesn't know the game. thank you. :-)

  3. Step, err anonymous, step is not playing under the radar. She is not being advised of what would actually happen during voting on tribal council. Please, Step is not on Sandra's level. Step is not even worthy of smelling dirty clothes after 39 days.

    Nobody's bullying anybody. As far as I know bullying actually involves face to face confrontation with the bully-ee and consistent aggressive behavior. Since I'm sitting at home and this is the first time I actually wrote about Step at length, you're reaching with your bullying accusation.

    Step can win Survivor Philippines for all I care. Peace out! >:D<

  4. Anonymous6:38 PM

    MARA the BITCH!!!!!!!!!!

    ARNOLD the DEVIL!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Anonymous12:13 AM

    agree i want steph to win as well.. agree too that sandra used the same strategy.. steph is playing the game in the sense that she knows who to vote, not just because somebody told her to do so, but because she knows the consequences of her action after the vote. she's doing what sandra did.. "as long as it aint me... i'll do it". she follows but at the same time she no when not to follow and stand for she knows what is best to do just like what she did with the kc vote. peace out....