November 26, 2009

It's Time For A Career Change for Hayden Kho

Hayden Kho, the star, scriptwriter, director and cameraman, of several sex videos featuring pretty celebrities like Katrina Halili and Maricar Reyes, is now busy looking up job ads on the back pages of Bulgar after the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) revoked his license to practice medicine.

The PRC cited "Immorality, Dishonorable and Unethical Conduct" in its decision to revoke Hayden Kho's license.

I'm joking about Hayden searching the job ads in Bulgar. Since his resume includes his extensive collection of sex videos with his past girlfriends, it's safe to say that he has amassed a great deal of experience and skills in porn.

Porn is a lucrative business, and his notoriety is a good launching pad for a career in porn. He could start small, through webcam, inviting gals and guys to view his live streaming performance. O, di ba?

If that career still fails (I have doubts because even if he can be inventive, he's not impressive down there), Hayden can always renegotiate his boytoy contract with Vicki, I mean, Victoria Belo. Make it a life-long contract or until Vicki Belo's face melts.

Katrina Halili and her benefactor Bong Revilla must be feeling vindicated. But if I were them I won't rest because Hayden can still appeal the PRC's decision.

I would like to suggest setting up an "accidental" meeting between Hayden Kho and another rich matrona to set him up for life and make him forget about his vocation to cure people of their insecurities.

I know Hayden Kho has Vicki Belo but even a pervert like Hayden deserves to have a choice of sugar mommy.

Is Bong Revilla now vindicated in my eyes? NO, not until he stops pretending to be a senator. I puked a little in my mouth when he felt the need to make a presscon to announce that he is not running for vice president. Hello, may clamour? Kanino? sa sampung tao na kinamayan ka nung nakasalubong mo?

And I wanted to stab a small kitten when middle-aged women from some Metro Manila barangay who were rendered homeless due to Ondoy went instantly ga-ga when Bong Revilla deigned to dirty his imported shoes to visit them. Ladies, priorities? Kailagan daw talagang magsisigaw at kiligin kay Bong Revilla eh wala na nga kayong bahay at makain.

As for Katrina, do I now consider her the modern-day hero for oppressed women? Absolutely and categorically NO. Not until she resolves the peace situation in Mindanao or she agrees to be one of the wives of Andal Ampatuan, Jr.

November 20, 2009

Johnny Delgado Passes Away at 61

Veteran movie and television actor Johnny Delgado has passed away at 61 after a year of battling lymphoma or cancer of the immune system.

Delgado, born Juan Marasigan Feleo, died at around 1:45 p.m. Thursday.

Delgado is the husband of multi-awarded director Laurice Guillen and father of opera singer and theater actress Ana Feleo and TV and film actress Ina Feleo.

Delgado is best known for being part of the television gag show Goin’ Bananas in the 1980s. He also gained recognition for his role in the family drama Tanging Yaman, where he won the FAMAS Award and the Metro Manila Film Festival Award for Best Actor in 2000.

His remains lie in state at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Shrine near Broadway Centrum.

November 18, 2009

After Manny Pacquiao vs Miguel Cotto Fight, the Next Attraction is Jinkee Pacquiao vs Krista Ranillo

Now that we know Miguel Cotto really bleeds like a stuck pig, (we have Manny Pacquiao to thank for that) the next showdown everyone is waiting for is between Jinkee Pacquiao and Krista Ranillo because it is all over town that the sexy actress is Manny’s current stalker. The jury’s still out on whether the stalking has Manny’s permission.

Curious minds want to know who is Manny’s companion for the private celebration for his win – Krista or Jinkee?

The video above shows Manny Pacquiao with a mystery woman after his live appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Krista and family arrived in Las Vegas Nov 3. Jinkee joined her husband on Nov 9.

SMS from one of Jinkee's friends, lifted from Julius Babao's twitters.

Ang sabi sa tsismis, Krista Ranillo is in Manny Pacquiao’s new movie Wapakman (or however you spell that word) but the connection goes deeper than that.

Manny Pacquiao was holed up in Baguio for a number of weeks to set up a training camp and Krista was allegedly there. Ask Angel Locsin, who showed up to where Manny and his entourage were staying to request for personal things that she can auction off for the Ondoy victims.

Allegedly, Angel Locsion saw a girl waving at her from one of the rooms. It was only later that she knew that it was Krista she saw.

Krista and her family were also on hand to watch the fight between Manny Pacquiao and Miguel Cotto at MGM Grand last No 15.

It was Manny who personally invited Krista and her family. Did you hear that resounding slap on Jinkee’s cheek upon reading that little tidbit?

According to those in the know, Krista’s acting the slutwhore with the Pacman has her dad Matt Ranillo’s blessing. Allegedly, the family is quite broke. There are also rumors that Matt is running again in the 2010 elections so he’s insinuating himself in Manny’s inner circle hoping for what Manny can do for him, not what he can do for Manny.

I’m just musing out loud but what the heck is Matt doing running again in the elections when he’s broke? I hope it’s because of his fervent desire to serve the public?

What’s happened to Matt Ranillo? From playing Jesus Christ and Lorenzo Ruiz and now to pimp daddy?!

Let’s try to guess if there is any truth to the Manny-Krista relationship, shall we? Before Manny’s Nov 15 fight Manny and Jinkee allegedly had a major row over Krista. At the thanksgiving mass for Manny’s win, Jinkee cried buckets when the priest was talking about family. She was dodging Manny’s attempts at comfort and instead turned to her lady friend on the left.

Manny, when asked to confirm/deny, said “no comment.” Kaya daw tayo hindi umuunlad dahil nangingialam tayo ng buhay ng iba. Uhm, kung hindi kayo tayo manood ng laban nya kasi hindi naman tayo ang nagiging bilyonaryo?

Now I’m waiting for news that Krista has built her own mansion, opened a restaurant or boutique, with her own money, of course, “supposedly.”

November 14, 2009

Edu Manzano is Gilbert Teodoro’s Vice Presidential Running Mate

Kumusta naman ito? It has been confirmed that Edu Manzano has jumped to the Lakas-Kampi-CMD camp to run as the running mate to presidential aspirant Gilbert “Gibo” Teodoro.

I said jumped because it was just a few weeks back that I read Edu Manzano was seeking a senate seat under Manny Villar’s Nacionalista Party. Even Gilberto Teodoro was with Danding Cojuangco’s National People’s Coalition (NPC) party before.

Well that’s party loyalty for us – there’s none in the Philippines.

Vilma Santos and Bong Revilla were considered before Edu. I think Lakas-Kampi-CMD would even ask Amay Bisaya – if they are certain that he is winnable and still on the same plane as the rest of humanity.

What’re the party’s considerations for picking Edu Manzano? There many but experience and credentials are probably of the bottom of the list.

Let’s see what Edu got that others don’t.

Edu is the ex-husband of Vilma Santos and Maricel Soriano. He’s the father of Lucky Manzano. He’s a former vice mayor of Makati. I don’t know why he’s aspiring for vice president when he couldn’t even win as mayor for a small city.

And of course, he was the former Optical Media Board chairman, the government’s anti-piracy agency.

Come to think of it, Iam not sure if Edu’s last post makes win winnable because think of all the Muslims in the pirated CD trade who hates his guts. You think they would vote for him? I’m thinking even those Muslims who don’t bother to vote would troop to the voting precints just to thwart Edu.

November 3, 2009

Let's Get Physical

That's what Lorna Tolentino and Chin-Chin Gutierrez did in their confrontation scene for the ABS-CBN soap Dahil May Isang Ikaw.

Lorna and Chin-Chin play mommy to Jericho Rosales and Kristine Hermosa, respectively, in the soap.

Who was at the receiving end of that very realistic sampalan scene? Well, the script called for Lorna and Chin-Chin to slap each other twice. But Lorna got the brunt of it because Chin-Chin hit Lorna below the lips and left them bruised. Not content, Chin-Chin slapped Lorna so hard that her ring got caught in Lorna’s hair, pulling some of it in the process.

Go Green!

Stunned, Lorna continued with the scene even if she was in pain. Per the script, Lorna was supposed to only scream “Paalisin ang babaing ‘yan!” at Chin-Chin. However, the pain made Lorna momentarily forget that she's a grieving widow and uttered these lines instead: “Paalisin ang p----- g i---g babaing ‘yan!” and instinctively kicked Chin-Chin in the leg.

I don't watch Dahil May Isang Ikaw (c'mon it's Jericho Rosales (overrated) and Kristine Hermosa (mental)) but I saw this particular scene because the blogging gods and goddesses were smiling at me that night.

The profanity from Lorna must have been blipped out because I didn't hear it. The scene was abruptly cut, so I would tend to believe that the scene got so realistic, people at the shot entered the frame to separate their lead actresses.

I thought Chin-Chin’s mellow, a peace-sign exhibitionist, if you will. I thought Chin-Chin so loves nature her sweat is green. Chin-Chin got the cover of Time Asia for her green activism. She's known to commune with nature, even talk to plants. I read that vegetarian tends to be sanctimonious, anorexic and twatty but I just found out going green could make you go postal.

So what got into Chin-Chin Gutierrez? Aww, she probably found out that Lorna abused a plant in her garden so she meted out her own justice by getting a piece of Lorna.

Chin-Chin reportedly apologized after a while and even prayed over Lorna, you know the “hand over head thingy while you mumble?”

If I were Lorna, I would have taken several plants hostage and demand that Chin-Chin apologize sincerely, or else.

This may not be the end of the Lorna vs Chin-Chin saga because Lorna is not amused, yo.

Expect to see Chin-Chin’s character meet a car accident where her body will not be recognizable. Also expect to see a reincarnation of Chin-Chin’s character in another actress, who according to the script, had to have a plastic surgery to change her face and exact her revenge on Lorna’s character.

Lorna will emerge triumphant and the old Chin-Chin character in a straight jacket is escorted by men in white to a white padded cell with no windows. The End.

In the actual, Lolit Solis, the manager of Lorna Tolentino, is waiting for a lone Chin-Chin in the back alley of ABS-CBN ready to ask for anything na mahaharbat.